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Activate McAfee Life safe

This Privacy Policy in regard of Mcafee Installation, which provide the Support for all type of Mcafee Product and we are eager to maintain the information close and do not share and distribute the information to anyone. Website is the third party company which provides the support own their own and they are not bound for any obligation if it happens.

Mcafee Installation is strictly following the services and support is being provided by the and is not responsible for any other services apart from any services is being provided by and apart from that we do not have any link with the Intel Mcafee services and we are different from them.

After taking the services from us and following the same policy with the Mcafee installation than you allow us to be ready and give you acceptance for the complete terms and policies from the Mcafee Installation and if you are not ready to accept the term and conditions of the in that case, we will suggest you to not use the same webpage for your solutions.

Apart from that if you have any issues with the Services and Terms & Policies, and then you are more than welcome to contact us for the clarifications.


Please contact us: Mcafee Activate Setup

USA : 1-800-576-7474
UK : 0-800-048-8241


Disclaimer : is a thrid party independent provider for technical support services remotely for peripherals and software on PC. We do not have any direct affiliation with any kind of third parties companies or do not have any relationship with these companies untill we specifically express the same. For any kind of issues of warranties associated with the product, software, hardware and peripherals, you are suggested to contact the relevant third parties. All the Logos and any kind of brand name, trade mark have be used here in remain the property of their respective owner. Use of the company images, name and their logos is not inteded to imply any endorsement or any direct contact with the affiliated with security/mcafee. Product/Service Disclaimer: This all services are also can be availed for free on the webpage of the service owner Mcafee